Music by Anne-Louise Sterry

Listen to music written individually by or in partnership with Anne-Louise Sterry below. Over the years Sterry has had the pleasure of working with artists of all kinds, reaching audiences around the world. From children’s songs about ravioli to deeply emotional ballads about love and loss, there is a wide variety of music Anne-Louise had been part of producing. If you are considering adding another artist to your latest track, listen below to see what skills Anne-Louise could offer you.

Specialty Music Types

With all her skills, Anne-Louise brings quite a lot to any jam session. But, like any musician, we all have our favorite kinds to write and perform. Below are the categories of music Anne-Louise creates most, but if you have an idea not listed or maybe a piece that doesn’t fit into just one category, start a conversation with Anne-Louise to explore the opportunities for collaboration.





Ad Space


Dark Cinematic


Love Songs

Music about love is one of the most popular topics with today’s listeners. From the excitement that comes with new love to the pain we feel when love is lost, everyone can relate to songs about love. Whether it be big love for your forever partner or small love for your favorite pair of socks, we all love singing about love.

Black Socks (sample)

by Anne-Louise Sterry | Black Socks

Monster in the Closet (sample)

by Tom Hunter as sung by Anne Louise Sterry | The Water Ballet

Children’s Music

With grandkids of her own, Anne-Louise has no trouble knowing what kids really like about music and incorporating all the silliness and learning into children’s songs. Sometimes it starts with a story that turns into the theme song of someone’s childhood. Or maybe a chore around the house could be made bearable if we had a little jig to go along with it. Music for kids should enrich their lives, and do more than just play in the background! 

Inspirational Music

To inspire, overcoming music makes listeners feel uplifted, rejuvenated, and maybe even a little motivated. Big swells, lots of excitement, challenges, and triumphs. Musicians have the power to capture all of those feelings and more through their songs, telling passionate stories people can connect to.

Holiday Tunes

The holiday season is marked by the festive music that comes with it, but breaking through all the classics is a huge challenge for artists today. Exploring new ideas and traditional ways of composing holiday music, Anne-Louise can step into almost any role. In addition to performing and writing music, Anne-Louise performs under her alter-ego ‘Aunt Lena’ traveling to entertain groups on stage; all of which supports her creative ability when crafting songs. Listen, then start a conversation with Anne-Louise if you’d like to know more about her work.

Melancholy Music

We use music to tell stories, share emotions, and most importantly, connect with one another. When we’re feeling down in the dumps we don’t need some sad tune to make us more gloomy, but music that makes us feel comforted and like we are not alone in our feelings is something anyone can appreciate. 


Music is better when it is shared with others. Collaborations allow musicians to expand their audience and their skills, creating songs with a different value to listeners than solo releases. Musicians with a strong network of collaborations create a network of promotions, too, because their co-performers support their success. After working with another artist on a track, it’s likely you’ll see a new mention on social media or some new traffic from an online feature.

Dark Cinematic Music

Deep and cinematic, this is the kind of music that builds excitement and captures emotions in dark movie trailers. These tracks need to be full of emotion to properly embody what it takes to overcome the challenges of the story.

Ad Space Music

Music for ad space must be able to take the vision and values of the brand and create a tune that is catchy yet clever. A jingle will quickly lose its ring and memorability if your theme song doesn’t connect with your market.

Whether you’re a music supervisor or music publisher, working with an experienced artist will benefit your process.

When you’re in need of someone to collaborate with on your track, contact Anne-Louise! Reach out at any time with questions or for more information about opportunities to co-write and collaborate!

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