Music for Ad Space

Songs that accompany brand messaging help to define the brand and give its customers something to resonate with

Music Publisher in need of amazing music?

Are you a Music Supervisor or Publisher in need of amazing music?

Music for ad space must be able to take the vision and values of the brand and create a song that is catchy with a memorable hook. And connect with a broad audience plus your target audience.

Whether you’re a music supervisor or music publisher, working with an experienced artist will benefit your process. Working with Anne-Louise is easy. She is a professional and knows the value of good working relationships.

For information about licensed tracks, contact Anne-Louise Sterry.

Listen to Anne-Louise’s Samples

About the Track:

Genre: pop, dance, hip-hop/rap, electronic

Tags: female vocalist, upbeat, empowerment

Composers: Anne-Louise Sterry, (33.33%), ASCAP #785815001; A.Kyle Jefferson, (33.33%), ASCAP #748599083; Meagan Brianne Allen; (33.34%), ASACP #811695338

About the Track:

Genre: folk, pop, indie, singer/songwriter

Tags: good times, funk, individuality

Composers: Anne-Louise Sterry ASCAP 785815001 (33.3%) (503) 720-6172 / Annabella Gelmetti ASCAP 1100293029 (33.3%) / Bill Diluigi 888 KING/MUSIC OF LUCKYSKY SESAC 072822 (33.4%) 

About the Track:

Genre: pop, dance, electronic

Tags: catchy, energetic, confident, sexy

Composers: Anne-Louise Sterry, (50%), ASCAP 785815001; Lo Lind, (50%), SESAC #00367139540