Music for Ad Space

Music for Ad Space – jingles, commercials, theme songs – help to define a

brand and give its customers something to resonate with.

Commercial Music collaboration opportunities

Are you a Music Supervisor or Publisher in need of an experienced musician? 

Music for ad space must be able to take the vision and values of the brand and create a tune that is catchy yet clever. A jingle will quickly lose its ring and memorability if your theme song doesn’t connect with your market.

Whether you’re a music supervisor or music publisher, working with an experienced artist will benefit your process. In addition to making our tracks stronger, collaborating with Anne-Louise is a breeze with her many musical gifts and instrumental talents.

For information about licensed tracks, contact Anne-Louise Sterry.

Listen to Anne-Louise’s Samples

About the Track:

Genre: pop, dance, hip-hop/rap, electronic

Tags: female vocalist, upbeat, empowerment

Composers: Anne-Louise Sterry, (33.33%), ASCAP #785815001; A.Kyle Jefferson, (33.33%), ASCAP #748599083; Meagan Brianne Allen; (33.34%), ASACP #811695338

About the Track:

Genre: folk, pop, indie, singer/songwriter

Tags: good times, funk, individuality

Composers: Anne-Louise Sterry ASCAP 785815001 (33.3%) (503) 720-6172 / Annabella Gelmetti ASCAP 1100293029 (33.3%) / Bill Diluigi 888 KING/MUSIC OF LUCKYSKY SESAC 072822 (33.4%) 

About the Track:

Genre: pop, dance, electronic

Tags: catchy, energetic, confident, sexy

Composers: Anne-Louise Sterry, (50%), ASCAP 785815001; Lo Lind, (50%), SESAC #00367139540