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About Anne-Louise Sterry

Singer, Songwriter, & Musician

Anne-Louise Sterry is a multi-talented force of nature! A performing artist, corporate keynote speaker, master storyteller, and recognized writer/composer, Anne-Louise excites the room with her joyful aura and amazing ability to connect with anyone she meets from a single individual to an audience of thousands.

Anne-Louise is focusing her passion and efforts on her musical gifts and talents. Over the past four years, she has been writing with renowned and successful songwriters from LA to Nashville. In this brief time, she has built a viable and valuable song catalog, as well as performed in her one one-woman touring show ‘According to Aunt Lena’ in which she sings, performs, and becomes everyone’s favorite Italian aunt!

Anne-Louise is a professional businesswoman, with positive and enduring industry working relationships. She understands the need for these connections and bottom-line profitability. Anne-Louise is a money maker, not a time taker!

What People Love about Anne-Louise’s Music

Anne-Louise’s music is loved by people for its versatility, and how anyone can resonate with the messages shared in each song. From kid’s music to jingles for commercials, there isn’t much that Sterry hasn’t worked with throughout the years. Having gotten to work with a variety of performers and industries, she’ll bring perspective that you cannot find elsewhere in the world of music. These are testimonials from real people who have written songs with Anne-Louise, performed on-stage or virtually, or have grown in their music careers thanks to her support.

Body text of testimonial from someone you have written lyrics, melodies, or other co-wiritng type of partnerships 

Author Name

Job Title, Comapny

Body text of testimonial from someone you have written lyrics, melodies, or other co-wiritng type of partnerships 

Author Name

Job Title, Comapny

Specialty Music Types

With all her skills, Anne-Louise brings quite a lot to any jam session. But, like any musician, we all have our favorite kinds to write and perform. Below are the categories of pieces Anne-Louise creates most, but if you have an idea not listed, or maybe a piece that doesn’t fit into just one category, start a conversation with Anne-Louise to explore the opportunities for collaboration.






Connections in the Industry

It’s no secret that in today’s world your network of connections means everything to your career. Thanks to her years of experience and ongoing involvement in the singer-songwriter community, Anne-Louise has a plethora of other musicians, publishers, and various other groups she’s in connection with. When you work with Anne-Louise, you’re not only gaining the support of another musician but of her entire network of colleagues, too.

Publishers and Industry Leaders:

Andrea Doman – Prescription, Nashville

Becki DeVries – The Bus

Bobby Rhymer – Writer’s Den

Cliff Audretch – Downtown Music Publishing

Courtney Allen -Concord Music

Dallas Gregory – Song Rocket Music

Daniel Lee – Warner Chappell Publishing – Altadena

Jacee Badeaux -MV2 Entertainment

Jenny Hall – Sheltered Music

John Moses- the Bus

Lauren Funk -Endurance Music Group

Liz Rogers- Anacrusis Publishing – Film/Tv

Lou Spoltore – Live on Stage – Booking

Marlee Kula – Prescription, LA

Nancy Peacock – Washington Street Publishing – Film/Tv

Sheri Fitch, Prescription, LA

Wes Mayer – RedLine Entertainment, Management

Woody Bomar – Green Hills Music


Allissa Moreno – Independent

Brandon James – The Bus Company

Brian White – Anthem Entertainment

Clayton Jones – Independent

Emily Haber/Schlosser – Prescription Songs (RX)

James Droll – Prescription Songs (RX)

Jeffery East – Endurance Music Publishing

Keesy Timmer – Average Joe Music Publishing,  ZIS

Kyle (Aaron Kyle) Jefferson – The Bus

Liv (Olivia Marie) Miraldi – W.C.M. Music Corp – Altadena

Lo (Lauren) Lind-Miller – Prescription Songs (RX)

Riley Roth – Warner Chappell, Altadena

Steve Dean – Bethar Music

Victoria Banks – Sony ATV

Sydney Cubit – Sony ATV