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Anne-Louise Sterry

Singer, songwriter, and musician

Co-write with Anne-Louise Sterry! If you’re looking for another voice to add to the track, support from an experienced melody writer, or show-stopping lyrics to go along with your latest tune, connect with Anne-Louise today! With decades of experience on and off stage, she’ll kick that creative block to the curb so you can get back to creating masterpieces.

Recent Releases

If I Had Loved You More recent releases by Anne-Louise Sterry
If I Had Loved You More

A hauntingly beautiful romantic ballad that Anne-Louise wrote both the melody and lyrics. One example of the importance of emotion in music. A reflective story of love lost.

The Water Ballet music from recent releases
The Water Ballet

Songs and Stories for all ages. Includes Anne-Louise’s hilarious spin on New Jersey accents in ‘The Waiter’, which has become one of her signature songs.

About Anne-Louise Sterry singer songwriter musician

About Anne-Louise Sterry

Anne-Louise Sterry is an internationally-known motivational speaker and award-winning recording artist, author, singer-songwriter, and master storyteller. Unfailingly positive and empowering, Anne-Louise brings energy and rare authenticity to her audiences. She speaks and performs across America and Europe in concerts and keynotes as herself and as her alter-ego, Aunt Lena, an amalgam of Anne-Louise’s exuberant Italian relatives.

Anne-Louise has a degree in psychology, is an experienced medical software trainer, a psychiatric nurse, and a performing artist. She has recorded and produced six music and storytelling CDs in addition to a motivational audio course, Rewire Your Brain for Audacious Joy, and the online program Creating Joy to Build Your Bottom Line.