Jul 26, 2022 | Songs


Pain’s the blade on a silver knife
One side’s fire one side’s ice
Guess I never learned my lesson
Locked in my blue eyed obsession
Hear my candlelight light confession
Ah ah ah ahh…


It oughta be a felony
Cause your lips are telling me
I’d do anything for you
I’ll serve my time in paradise
When I look in your eyes
Sirens scream outta the blue
I’m committed to the crime
Go on give me life
I oughta be your felony
I oughta be your felony

They don’t understand at all
(Loves me, loves me not)
That love can make or break the law
It’s your fault so who can blame me….
Picking petals off of daisies
I’m in too deep nothing can save me


There’s no return, no escaping
Call it just infatuation
endless breathless fascination
But if you’re asking me
I call it a felony

Felony was released on 2022-07-26. It was produced with artists Anne-Louise Sterry and Annabella Gelmetti.

Bill Diluigi 888 KING/MUSIC OF LUCKYSKY SESAC 072822 (33.4%)/ Anne-Louise Sterry ASCAP 785815001 (33.3%) (503) 720-6172 / Annabella Gelmetti ASCAP 1100293029 (33.3%) (971) 279-0422

Bill Diluigi 888 KING/MUSIC OF LUCKYSKY SESAC 072822 (33.3%) / ASCAP Sterry and Sterry 1095531746 (33.3%) / ASCAP The Council USA 1141530111 (33.4%)


Ambient, Female vocal, Harmonies, Singer-Song Writer