At What Cost

Oct 3, 2022 | Folk, Indie, Slow, Songs


At What Cost by Anne-Louise Sterry and Alissa Moreno

You stay up and I go down
You look straight and I turn round
Doesn’t matter what I think
I am just the enemy

You are right and I am wrong
I’ll shut my mouth and sing/play my song
one day you’ll maybe see my way …
By then I may have lost my place


 At what cost
At what cost
Tell me what gets lost
And at what cost


You have seen it all you know everything
I am in the clouds and I live the dream
At the end of the day nobody knows
What will really save our souls



You may think no one’s watching you
But I Know everything you do
And til the end I’ll love you dear
From now until a million years



ooooo ooooo
Tell me what
Tell me what
Tell me what
Tell me what gets lost
And at what cost

At What Cost was released in 2022. It was produced by artists Anne-Louise Sterry and Annabella Gelmetti.

Anne-Louise Sterry ASCAP 50% 1095531746; Alissa Moreno BMI 50%

Publishing: Sterry and Sterry ASCAP 33.3% 1095531746// Annabella Music 33.4 // Edmund Victor Gelmetti 33.3%


Strings, Piano, Positive, Hopeful, Dreamy, Bright, Atmospheric, Warm, Uplifting, Reflective, Slow, Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Indie, Folk